Top LED Behavior

Bluesmart One

(Firmware 1.0)

Solid green light: Battery fully charged. 

Double white blink: Battery charging. 

Double green blink: Battery less than 20%

Single blue blink: Suitcase has been locked.

Single yellow blink: Suitcase has been unlocked.


(Firmware 2.0)

Solid green light: Battery fully charged.

Solid blue light: Battery charging.

Pulsing blue light: Battery low.

Single blue blink: Suitcase has been locked/unlocked.


Bluesmart Black Edition

Solid green light: Battery fully charged.

Solid white light: Battery charging.

Pulsing orange light: Battery low.

Single white blink: Suitcase has been locked.

Double white blink: Suitcase has been unlocked.


Quick tip: Hitting the black button on the back of the suitcase while the top LED is pulsing orange (battery low) will stop the light from flashing.