How-to: Use the built-in scale

1.   Tap on the WEIGHT icon in the Bluesmart App






2.   Stand your suitcase upright

on the floor and tap CONTINUE





3.   Calibrate

While the app is calibrating make sure you

do not move your case. Any movement while

calibrating may hinder the weight results.





4.   Lift your suitcase off the floor

Make sure your suitcase is straight and not

leaning against your leg.





5.  Make sure the handle does not twist

Twisting the handle to either side of the

base will hinder results.






6.   Keep handle as straight as possible

Make sure the handle is aligned with its base 

throughout the weighing process for accurate results.






7.   Hold still until weight

calculated appears on your screen

Keep the handle aligned with the base until

the weight results appear on your screen.