When is the Bluesmart suitcase OFF

There are a few scenarios in which your Bluesmart suitcase will be OFF, and they are the following:

To conserve battery while traveling, your Bluesmart suitcase will automatically go to sleep if it’s disconnected from your phone for 2 hours or more. Even though your suitcase is in sleep mode, it will still be emitting GPS signals so that you can track it using the Location Tracking feature. However, the other smart features will be temporarily disabled until you press the Bluetooth button (black button underneath the trolley handle) and pair your suitcase to your phone,

Side note: Updating your suitcase's firmware will improve the Auto-Sleep functionality.
Turn Off
When your suitcase is not in use, we recommend that your turn it OFF before you store it away. This is done by tapping on TURN OFF YOUR SUITCASE under the main menu of the Bluesmart app. By doing so, you will save your suitcase's battery life. To turn your suitcase back ON, just awaken it by pressing the Bluetooth button (black button underneath the trolley handle).
Side note: While your suitcase is turned OFF, the Location Tracking and other smart features will be disabled since the case is not in use. Please be sure to charge your suitcase overnight before an upcoming trip.
Airplane Mode
In order to comply with flight regulations, your Bluesmart suitcase will automatically set itself in airplane mode. By doing so, the location tracking feature will temporarily be disabled during your flight. Not to worry, the location tracking feature will automatically be enabled as soon as you land, allowing you to locate your suitcase upon arrival to your destination.
Side Note: If for any reason you need to check-in your suitcase and it gets lost, you'll be able to track it once the plane it is in lands.
Force Reset
If your suitcase is not responding and unable to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, you are advised to force reset it as a last resort. This is done through the reset switch located in the inner-lining of your suitcase.