How-to: Update my suitcase's firmware (iOS)

Occasionally, you will be asked to update your firmware (software that is embedded in your Bluesmart suitcase) to improve its overall performance. With the release of the latest firmware update (2.0), the following will be prompted on your iPhone:



Tapping on "GOT IT" will accept the invitation to start downloading the new firmware update, which will bring you to the next screen.




On this screen, you will find the status of the update. You need to be connected to your case via Bluetooth while the installation is in progress. If the Bluetooth connection is interrupted at any point, the installation will pick up where it left off.




During the installation, you will be asked to reset your suitcase with the switch located behind the inner lining. 




Towards the end of the installation, you'll be asked to make sure your suitcase is charged. Once you've confirmed your suitcase is charged, leave it unplugged from any outlet and start the last step of installation. (Side note: Having your suitcase plugged during the last step will restart the installation process from the beginning)




You're all set! (Side note: This suitcase firmware update is currently only available for iPhone users. The Android firmware update is currently in the works and will be available soon!)