Quick Start Guide

Charge your suitcase

Connect your Bluesmart suitcase to an outlet using the provided micro USB cable and a 5V-2.1A adapter. Be sure to charge your suitcase for a minimum of 4 hours before first use.

-Firmware 1.0: The top LED will blink white while charging and turn solid green once the battery is fully charged.

-Firmware 2.0: The top LED will be solid blue while charging and turn solid green once the battery is fully charged.


Download the app

The Bluesmart app currently works with both iOS and Android devices that support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). 




Need to download the app? Click here: http://bluesmart.com/app 


Create your Bluesmart account

1. To begin the sign up process,

introduce your name in the blank.

When finished tap NEXT.






2. Now register the

e-mail address you will be using

to sign in to your account.





3. Next, select a password.

Your password must be at least

6 characters.





4. Make sure to register a phone 

number to your account.





 5. To finish setting up your account,

you will receive a confirmation email

with a verification code. Verify your

account by entering the code and tapping






 6. You've signed up successfully!  



Register your suitcase

It's time to register your suitcase to your Bluesmart Account!

Select REGISTER A SUITCASE on the main menu.






Make sure you are registering your suitcase

to the right email address before you continue.





Don't forget to turn on the Bluetooth

on your phone.





Activate the Bluetooth in your suitcase

by pressing the black button located on the

back of your suitcase.






 Personalize your suitcase by giving it a name. 





You're all set and ready to fly!