What is the Laptop Bag for? Is it smart too? Materials?

The Series 2 Laptop Bag is the travel bag you never knew you needed and won’t be able to live without. Carry and charge your devices as you breeze through airports around the globe without removing your laptop. The built-in but removable charger also feeds the brain of the Series 2 Bag, enabling a Smart crowd-GPS feature. So pack your day with meetings knowing you will not forget or misplace your Series 2 Bag, no matter how jetlagged you are. Also if you misplace your phone (in the airplane seat pocket for example) just tap the bag’s button and your phone will ring.

Fuel up your devices on the go before or during your trip with the super-powerful removable battery that doubles as a handy power bank. It even charges new generation Macbooks. 

  • Quick-charge 2.0
  • 30-day battery lifetime.
  • Charge any USB device
  • Charges new generation Macbook
  • Removable battery pack
  • One button phone locator