Can we have more than one user registered to the suitcase? Can we use the Bluesmart One/Black Edition with the new App?

We have completely redesigned the Bluesmart App. From core algorithms used to communicate with our products, to the back-end infrastructure that you use to track your suitcases. But more importantly, the full UX has been re-done from scratch around a new concept we like to call “The 4 O’s” (On, Onwards, On the Go, On time)


The new app is meant to be the hub that lets you control the whole luggage system through new architecture, new functionalities and a revamped look & feel. Our new digital interface is conceived to reduce the friction while travelling and become the ultimate smart travel companion.


Multiple products

  • Supports up to 8 products connected at the same time. All your belongings are connected to you on the move. Control all your products from the Bluesmart App.



  • Sharing your luggage with friends and family has never been this easy. Allows multiple users to use one same suitcase.
  • Simply invite them as guests and they can access the bag anytime, unless you’re the one travelling.
  • This is done with our new security level created using a unique User ID.