What makes Series 2 unique and different from other suitcase?

Bluesmart Series 2 is the world's first smart travel gear system. Starting with the second generation of our blockbuster Smart Carry-on Suitcase, we are adding: a Smart Check-in Suitcase, a Smart Laptop Bag and a Smart Passport Pouch. 

All the products are trackable and connect to a single hub through the app that allows travelers to protect and control all of their belongings when travelling. The Cabin features a super charger, remote locking and global GPS tracking. The Check has weight sensors and GPS tracking. The Laptop Bag features battery charger and Bluetooth tracking. The Passport Pouch features Bluetooth tracking.

All products are made with the highest quality materials and a refined design. Series 2 together with the new Bluesmart App make the most powerful travel set ever.