Features for the Cabin and the Check?

The Series 2 Cabin/Check has a built-in SIM card and real 3G+GPS technology, so you locate it anywhere in the world with unprecedented accuracy. You can also lock and unlock from your app, even activate auto-locking for when you step away. You will be able to see if someone tried to open your suitcase, as specific to where and when it happened! It is registered with its owner’s username, using the app, which means only you and the people you authorize can access and enjoy its full capabilities.

With its optimized power system, get 30 days of full use before the next charge. The suitcase’s battery charges with super-fast charge, reaching 100% in 2.5 hours.

Now there is no need to worry about losing sight of your Series 2 suitcase, your phone App will give you a heads up if you’re leaving it behind.

With the Series 2 Cabin, give your devices some extra juice before or during your trip with the super-powerful built-in battery. Now, It even charges new generation Macbooks.

The four built-in sensors located in the back bumpers of the Series 2 Check work as a scale when the suitcase is lying face up, delivering accurate weight data to the app in real-time without having to stand it upright or lifting it.

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Real 3G+GPS
  • Push Location Upon Landing
  • Worldwide SIM free of charges


Your phone is the key. Literally - Maximum security

  • Remote lock using app
  • Automatic lock based on distance (improved)
  • Safety records


Ease up, you won’t lose it - Forget-me-not 

  • Distance alerts sent to your phone
  • Safe for forgetful passengers


Just for you. Only you can use it - Lord and Master

  • Unique digital ID
  • Share with friends and family
  • Get stats on your trips


Fuel up your devices on the go. (Exclusively for Cabin)

  • Quick-charge 2.0
  • 30-day battery lifetime.
  • Charge any USB device
  • Charges new generation Macbook


No overweight fees, finger-crossing at the check-in counter. (Exclusively for Check)

  • Real-time, accurate weight
  • Get the green light before leaving your house


Super-fast charging, extra-long lasting battery - One charge, 8 world-round trips

  • Quick-charge 2.0
  • 30-day battery lifetime.