Why did you come up with a new carry-on? What’s wrong with the Bluesmart One/Black Edition?

Great question! There is nothing wrong with our original models. We heard our Bluesmart ONE and Black Edition users and decided to bring something new to the game with more space, different colors and improved technology.


We gathered and analyzed all the feedback from all of our users and hundreds of travelers. We noticed there was a need for a suitcase with more space. So we took the technology we created for the Bluesmart One and Black Edition, redesigned with the world’s finest soft materials and finishings, and created Bluesmart Series 2.


The Bluesmart Series 2 Cabin is the ultimate smart carry-on. Conceived to enhance your journey by connecting to your phone to lock, track it’s location, get notifications and even charge your devices on the move, always one step ahead. Optimized for perfect packing (25% more capacity than its predecessors) and we have tested them for heavy shock resistance. The new cabin makes securing your belongings a priority, this way you can relax and enjoy the journey, no bumps ahead.